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Body Treatments

Body Treatments are the answer to tired, overworked and weary bodies. Like our faces, our bodies need extra special care and treatment.

Somewhere between facials and massages, body treatments aim to cleanse and purify the skin while relaxing and indulging the body. Our Body Treatments are therapeutic affairs that ease body tension and beautify skin all at once. The benefits include stimulating the pores, restoring dull skin, energizing a sluggish metabolism, and removing bodily tension.

Dead Sea Salt Glow

Dead Sea Salt Glow

Check out our special Dead Sea Salt scrubs and wraps!

Spa salts sweep off dry, dead, flakey skin leaving your entire body looking dewy and new. This is a classic cleansing, exfoliation and re-moisturizing treatment for your entire person and it's one of our favorites.

Like the Middle East's body of water from which this treatment is named, when we finish scrubbing you down, your skin will feel as if it's floating on your body. And when combined with our unique aromatherapy feature, you will think you're floating on air.


Parafango treatment

Treat yourself to a warm, soothing, paraffin wrap.

The warmth of the paraffin not only feels wonderful on the body, but can temporarily help soothe the body of minor aches and pains.

Our Paraffin can be applied to any part of your body (within reason) to draw out toxins, increase circulation and relieve sore muscles and tension.

To help the body absorb and retain the moisture, heated paraffin is applied creating a heavenly "cocoon" around the body. After the Parafango Treatment is complete, your body looks and feels noticeably firmer and appears more toned. Amazingly effective for losing inches and cellulite, it's no wonder this treatment has received the nickname "Body Tune Up".


Chocolate fix

You are able to relax and enjoy chocolate without a single calorie!
The legendary affects of chocolate are well documented and well known. The unique mixture of pure chocolate and almond oil not only revitalizes the skin and replaces lost nutrients, but also has a positive effect on mental state and brings about good humor… Our exclusive formula of warmed chocolate and essence of cocoa nourishes the skin as it relaxes the body.  The body is then wrapped in a soft warm blanket to enhance the total effect.

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