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Welcome to Albina'SPA

Nowadays people tend to be too busy and their crazy lifestyle makes them forget that health and beauty has to be taken care of. After a hard-working day it's great to find yourself in a cozy & relaxing atmosphere of Albina'Spa where you can focus on your well being and find everything you need to experience the ultimate pampering through our luxurious treatments that promote inner peace and tranquility.

We can and we will help you with almost any kind of your beauty problem! With our Deep-tissue massage, you will forget about a muscle tension, leaving relaxed and content. Our unique facials will eliminate any of your skin problems or irritations, leaving and maintaining your skin smooth, soft and clear.

Are you tired of ingrown hair and wax burns? Try our advanced hardwax hair removal treatment, which is preferred by the leading cosmetologists in Europe. It is fast, easy & painless! If you are interested in getting a permanent hair removal treat, Electrolysis is the perfect match for you!

Want to slow visible signs of age? Here, at Albina'Spa there is a variety of anti-aging and anti-cellulite technologies. We also provide our clients with unique Organic Skin care products custom-made for each individual's skin type, containing only fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Our team of licensed professionals trained and experienced in Russia, Europe and The United States will provide you not only with the excellent service but also with a free consultation to help you find what type of treatment is suitable particularly for YOUR skin.

Here with us you will find the right answers to all your questions and get an ultimate service complimented with a glass of wine (as well as other beverages) and a fruit platter.

At Albina'Spa you will not only rid yourself of the strains of the day, you will leave armed with the knowledge of how to better care for yourself.

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